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For Submitting Reviews

The Popular Culture Studies Journal is seeking authors to review works on any aspect of American or international popular culture. Specifically, we are interested in reviews of recent (i.e. published within the last two years) scholarly monographs or anthologies and general interest books examining all areas of popular culture from a variety of perspectives. We will also consider older seminal pieces that deserve a second look. For a list of books to review, please visit Booklist for Reviews.

In addition, we are soliciting reviews of films, videos, websites, games, theater, or any other popular works that have been published, released, performed or posted in the last two years. Once again, we will also consider older seminal works that deserve a second look. We only ask that reviews of popular media texts highlight how such works might be used in pedagogical or scholarly situations. If you wish to review a popular media text, you must submit a brief rationale for the relevance of the review. A short paragraph outlining why you think the text is worthy of review in the journal will suffice.

Reviews should adhere to the ethos of the Popular Culture Studies Journal and be largely positive with any criticism of the work being constructive in nature. For more information about this journal, please visit the Popular Culture Studies Journal.

Written reviews should be roughly 800-1,000 words and should be typed, double-spaced with 12-point Times New Roman font.  Research and documentation must adhere to The MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers and The MLA Style Manual, 8th edition, which requires a Works Cited list with parenthetical author/page references in the text. Punctuation, capitalization, hyphenation, and other matters of style must also follow The MLA Handbook and The MLA Style Manual. If you are interested in submitting any alternative form of review, please contact the reviews editor directly with your proposed format. Guidelines will be determined depending on the proposed format.

Reviews should be sent electronically to Christopher J. Olson at with PCSJ Review and the author’s last name in the subject line. Reviews should include both the review and the reviewer’s complete contact information (name, university affiliation, address and email).  Reviews should be sent as Microsoft Word attachments in .doc or .docx format, unless an alternative format has been approved by the editor.

To be considered for the April issue, reviews must be submitted by February 28th.

To be considered for the October issue, reviews must be submitted by August 31st.


If you are interested in reviewing for the Popular Culture Studies Journal or if you are an author or publisher with a work you would like to have reviewed, then please contact the reviews editor at the following address or email:

Christopher J. Olson, Reviews Editor

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