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FAQ and Policies

FAQs & Policies

See some of the most common questions we get about the conference and our policies. If you don't see your question, please contact our President or Conference Coordinator.

  • Should I submit an abstract or a full paper for my individual submission?
    Either are acceptable. Even if you submit a full paper, you should also include an abstract. The recommended length for abstracts is 250-500 words.
  • Why do I have to pay my membership by September 15th to be in the final conference program?
    Each year, we have many presenters who do not show up for their presentations. Some of these presenters proposed papers to the conference and then decided not to come. Some, unfortunately, never intend to come. Either way, we often have several rooms’ worth of panelists who do not show up. Each room costs us significant funds in AV costs, so we’re working to contain those costs to minimize the registration fees for the conference.
  • What is included in my registration?
    Your registration to the conference includes attendance at various receptions and featured speakers, food at some of the conference-sponsored events, and networking opportunities. It also includes admission to social events such as our Game Night and Pub Quiz.
  • Can you help me find a roommate for the conference?
    We love it when you find people to room with, but the organization cannot locate or suggest roommates. You are encouraged to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or your personal network to find people to stay with.
  • What if I missed the program deadline?
    Contact us immediately. You may still be able to be in the final conference program. Even if you miss the deadline for the final conference program, you can still attend. You will be scheduled in a “Pop-Pourri” panel with, when possible, similar papers. Your name will appear in the digital version of the program put online after the conference. You will not appear in the final conference program.
  • Do I have to join the MPCA to present?
  • Do I have to register to present?
  • Can I present my presentation virtually at the conference?
    We will have a limited number of virtual presentation slots available for the conference, but virtual presentations cannot be guaranteed.
  • I’m already a member of PCA/ACA. Do I need to join MPCA too?
    Yes. We get no financial support from PCA/ACA.
  • I paid my membership on time. Will I still have to pay a late fee if I register late?
    Yes. You must pay all your fees by the registration deadline to avoid the late fee.
  • What does MPCA expect of conference presenters?
    MPCA volunteers labor long and hard to craft the best possible conference program. In return, MPCA expects those who have agreed to present to take personal responsibility for: Securing any external funding necessary to underwrite their attendance That individuals whose papers are accepted will actually attend the conference or will decline MPCA’s invitation before pre-registration ends That any individual who must cancel will notify the Program Chair and appropriate Area Chair immediately
  • Can undergraduate students submit proposals for the MPCA Conference?
    YES! We encourage undergraduate students to submit proposals as we like to promote the study of popular culture at all levels. However, undergraduate students must have a faculty sponsor who vouches for the student’s work and proposal. The faculty sponsor’s name, email, and position at an institute should be included in the brief bio section of the CFP.
  • Does MPCA allow attendees to promote their own work?
    MPCA welcomes scholars that wish to advertise, promote, or sell their own books or other materials at annual conferences insofar as these materials are germane to the academic community. MPCA is also happy to cooperate with nonprofit and nonpartisan organizations, community groups, and professional organizations. There is no fee for displays for individuals or nonprofit groups to display their materials. The following conditions apply: MPCA’s nonprofit status restricts it from handling money for any private individual or outside group. All monetary transactions are the sole responsibility of the individual or nonprofit organization. Individuals and groups are welcome to advertise conferences, promote professional organizations, issue calls for papers, and promote other scholarly pursuits. MPCA cannot promote or advocate political or private agendas. MPCA assumes no responsibility for the content of or security of any materials displayed or distributed. Individuals and organizations must transport or ship all books, flyers, brochures, and other materials to the conference site. Those attending the conference must assume responsibility for set ups and displays and must remove all materials and take down displays at the rise of the conference. Individuals and organizations mailing or shipping materials for display and not attending the conference should understand that MPCA will display items that can be placed upon tables. MPCA will not assemble display racks or any other complex set up. MPCA will not return unclaimed items. These will be donated or discarded at the rise of the conference. Content and promotion is restricted to matters that are purely educational in content. As a nonprofit organization, MPCA is not allowed to engage in partisan political behavior. We also meet on college campuses that sometimes have very strict rules on outside advocacy. Those who seek further information on MPCA policies or wish details on how to ship materials should contact MPCA Conference Coordinator Paul Booth
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