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Gary Burns Graduate Student Travel Grants

The Midwest PCA/ACA is pleased to announce an annual program of travel grants for graduate students to attend the MPCA/ACA conference.

Application Process

The following rules shall apply:

  1. Four grants of $100 each will be available each year. MPCA/ACA reserves the right to issue fewer than four awards in any given year or to issue more than four awards in a given year if money from the preceding year remains unspent.

  2. To apply for a grant you must submit an email with the following:

  • Your name, the name of your paper, and your institutional affiliation.

  • An electronic copy of your paper in .doc, .rtf, or .pdf format. (you must submit a completed paper, not only an abstract, but your paper must include an abstract)

  • Proof of graduate student status (acceptable forms of proof include a photocopy of a student ID or current course schedule or a letter from your advisor)

Send your email to: The deadline for receipt of submissions is September 17 of the year of the conference.

3. To apply for the Award your proposal must have been accepted by an Area Chair and your presentation must be scheduled at the conference.

4. Winners will be determined by a selection committee appointed by MPCA/ACA.

5. Applicants who do not receive the Award are still expected to attend the conference. If failure to receive the $100 Award makes it financially impossible for you to attend the conference, you should not apply for the Award. The Award is intended to provide supplemental support only and is not assumed to be the primary source of funds for travel to the conference.

 6. The Award will be presented in the form of a $100 check payable to the author of the paper. For coauthored papers, checks in equal amounts will be written for each author, with the total of the checks equaling $100. Your check will be enclosed in your registration packet at the conference. You must attend the conference to receive the Award. Money from any unclaimed checks will revert to the MPCA/ACA treasury.


Awards will be announced in the conference program booklet and at the Saturday luncheon at the conference and on the MPCA/ACA website. Award certificates will be presented at the conference’s Saturday business meeting.

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